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acne before and after.jpg
acne before and after.jpg

Clear Skin

BioAcne Treatment

To soothe and purify all types of acne including blackheads, papules, pustules and cysts. 

Clear Skin BioAcne Treatment

For all acne prone skin types

The Clear Skin Bioacne Treatment is a specialized facial designed to target acne-prone skin. It includes various steps such as cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extractions, and the application of a specialized mask that helps to soothe and heal the skin while targeting acne-causing bacteria.

What sets this treatment apart is that it is the first facial in the world to be certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife and is specifically designed to target the signs of acne. This signature treatment is perfect for individuals who are environmentally conscious and have oily, acne-prone skin. Moreover, it is an efficient, organic, fair trade, eco-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free skincare option that can help improve the appearance and health of acne-prone skin.


Clear Skin BioAcne Treatment is a great option for individuals struggling with acne-prone skin. Not only can the treatment help reduce the appearance of acne, but it can also improve the overall health of the skin.

- Unclog pores
- Preventing future breakouts
- Reduces oil skin production

- Clears up existing breakouts

- Healthy-looking and clear skin
- Smoother, softer, and more radiant skin

- Minimize the development of acne scars


Acne is a chronic skin condition that develops in areas of the body containing more sebaceous glands such as the face, neck, chest shoulders and back. It is estimated that over 80% of individuals are affected by acne at some stage in their life.

- Very Mild Acne 
- Mild Acne 
- Moderate Acne
- Severe Acne
- Very Severe Acne



Treatment duration: 1 hour

Area treated: Face and neck, chest or back. Please indicate which area you are booking for treatment. 

Recommended Frequency: Every 3-4 weeks for a minimum of 3 treatments to begin. Additional treatments may be required. 


Ongoing Treatments: 3 Treatment Packages are available at the time of booking (Best Value!)

Service includes:

- Gentle yet deep, doubling cleansing of the skin for sensitive acne prone skin types to purify and soothe open and closed comedones and pustules. 

- Relaxing steamy hot towels to help extract clogged pores

- Medical grade peel to help prepare the skin to receive the BioAcne treatment. Its synergistic complex, combining the exfoliating action of Salicylic Acid with the astringent power of Citric Acid and soothing powers of Aloe, allows for deep cleansing within the pores, as well as effective removal of dead skin cells while keeping the skin soft and fresh. 

- Soothing and purifying mask acne prone skin to prevent blemishes and reduce the appearance of acne scars. This highly-effective formula is rich in purifying, regenerating and detoxifying ingredients which work on the epidermal layer to refine pores and promote a smoother and clearer complexion.

- Serum is applied. It is highly concentrated with powerful antibacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory complex which deeply cleanses pores to prevent reoccurrence. 

- Purifying gel is applied. A mattifying and normalizing organic moisturizer that helps control shine, imperfections and blemishes of oily and acne prone skin. This ultralight and non-sticky gel texture penetrates instantly into the skin leaving a silky and matte finish. 


The BioAcne line is the 1st professional anti-acne collection that is certified organic and approved by the FDA and Health Canada. Formulated without any aggressive agents, these anti-recurrence formulas will help durably control and prevent visible symptoms of acne such as papules, pustules, excess sebum, blackheads and acne scars.


The bio acne skincare line is suitable for all grades of acne from one to five depending on the case the result will be visible from the first day of use for mild acne and may take several weeks to several months for more severe acne. 


  • BioAcne Cleansing Gel

  • BioAcne Foaming Cleanser

  • BioAcne Mask

  • BioAcne pH Toner

  • BioAcne Purifying Gel

  • BioAcne Serum

Primary Active Ingredients: 

Bacteriostatic Anti Acne Complex - Natural complex that penetrates deeply to clean and to reduce oil.

Magnolia bark extractHas powerful anti-inflammatory antibacterial and antioxidant properties. 

Salicylic acidHas several benefits for the skin, including its ability to fight bacteria, reduce the formation of blackheads and whiteheads, and smooth out the skin's texture. It can also penetrate into the pores to dissolve excess oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities, while simultaneously reducing the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Lavender Essential Oil - Helps to soothe and reduce inflammation. 



The Clear Skin BioAcne Treatment's remarkable results are clearly evident in these before and after photos, demonstrating the treatment's ability to significantly improve acne-prone skin. This not only visually improves the look of the skin but can feel like such a relief as dealing with acne prone skin can be physically uncomfortable and have negative affects on the quality of your life. A deep and lasting transformation is absolutely possible for you! 

bioacne-before-aftere (1)_edited.jpg
bioacne-before-aftere (1)_edited.jpg
bioacne-before-aftere (1)_edited.jpg

Check out our Clear Skin BioAcne Treatment value packages for discounted rates on multiple treatments (recommended).

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